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Across the channel, briefly

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Apr. 8th, 2008 | 05:49 pm
location: oxford
mood: happyhappy

I came back from there a couple of days ago, on the Eurostar, singing "under the sea" in joyful disharmony. PJ's parents are very nice people. Paris is more pleasant than placentas, perhaps excepting the horror of greengrocers called Harry Cover. Say it with a French accent.

rive droitewitch hazel in the Jardin des Plantesin the Quartier Latininside the Institute de Monde Arabebuilding site

The girl-person with the tape measure working on this mythic parisian building site makes me very happy. Likewise the luminometry inside the Institut du Monde Arabe.

Monolake's performance at the Centre Pompidou was epileptic, eventually. Picture: at the beginning the room fills with bohemian people who evidently have much more of a right to be there than I do; the deep red light in the room fades out, eyes adjust until exit signs appear. Silent minutes pass. Then, "il y a un petit probleme." And out of the darkness, lo, unto them, a Mac startup chime.

In the meantime, cycle safely, my friends, or I'll get your lunch. 

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